Young Adult Book Award Resources


13-14 YABA Nominees 13-14 YABA Activity Guide
by Veronica Roth
12-13 YABA Nominees 12-13 YABA Activity Guide* Matched 
by Ally Condie
11-12 YABA Nominees 11-12 YABA Activity Guide Into the Wild Nerd Yonder 
by Julie Halpern
10-11 YABA Nominees 10-11 YABA Activity Guide
The Hunger Games 
by Suzanne Collins
09-10 YABA Nominees 09-10 YABA Activity Guide  Podcasts Thirteen Reasons Why: A Novel 
by Jay Asher
08-09 YABA Nominees 08-09 YABA Activity Guide New Moon 
by Stephenie Meyer
07-08 YABA Nominees 07-08 YABA Activity Guide Twilight 
by Stephenie Meyer
06-07 YABA Nominees 06-07 YABA Activity Guide The Truth About Forever 
by Sarah Dessen
05-06 YABA Nominees 05-06 YABA Activity Guide Eragon 
by Christopher Paolini
04-05 YABA Nominees 04-05 YABA Activity Guide The Lovely Bones 
by Alice Sebold
03-04 YABA Nominees 03-04 YABA Activity Guide Scribbler of Dreams 
by Mary Pearson
02–03 YABA Nominees* 02-03 YABA Activity Guide Body of Christopher Creed 
by Carol Plum-Ucci
*Apologies for missing content



Past Young Adult Book Award  Winners:

Year Author Title
2015 Showalter, Gena Alice in Zombieland
2014 Roth, Veronica Divergent
2013 Condie, Ally Matched
2012 Halpern, Julie Into the Wild Nerd Yonder
2011 Collins, Suzanne The Hunger Games
2010 Asher, Jay Thirteen Reasons Why: A Novel
2009 Meyer, Stephenie New Moon
2008 Meyer, Stephenie Twilight
2007 Dessen, Sarah The Truth About Forever
2006 Paolini, Christopher Eragon
2005 Sebold, Alice The Lovely Bones
2004 Pearson, Mary The Scribbler of Dreams
2003 Plum-Ucci, Carol The Body of Christopher Creed
2002 Anderson, Laurie Halse Speak!
2001 Dressen, Sarah Someone Like You
2000 Klause, Annette Blood and Chocolate
1999 Myers, Walter D. Slam!
1998 Hurwin, Davida A Time for Dancing
1997 Paulsen, Gary Harris and Me
1996 Reynolds, Marilyn Detour for Emmy
1995 Amick, Fran What You Don’t Know Can Kill You
1994 Crichton, Michael Jurassic Park
1993 Klause, Annette C. Silver Kiss
1992 Deuker, Carl On the Devil’s Court
1991 Myers, Walter D. Fallen Angels
1990 Pfeffer, Susan The Year Without Michael
1989 Bunting, Eve Face at the Edge of the World
1988 Duncan, Lois Locked in Time
1987 Conford, Ellen If This is Love, I’ll Take Spaghetti
1986 Naylor, Phyllis A String of Chances
1985 Danziger, Paula The Divorce Express
1984 Duncan, Lois Stranger With My Face
1983 Pfeffer, Susan About David
1982 Shep, Greene The Boy Who Drank Too Much
1981 Buchanan, William A Shining Season
1980 Anson, Jay The Amityville Horror


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