South Carolina Book Awards Committee

2020-2021 Book Award Handbook


Function: The Book Award Committees are tasked with annually formulating the SCASL Book Award Program nominee book lists.

In order to accomplish this they must each read 100 - 250 titles each year and then discuss and evaluate those titles at regular meetings. The result is each year’s carefully selected reading list in each of four categories: Picture Book, Children's, Junior, and Young Adult.  Librarians, teachers, and students across the state of South Carolina owe these committee members a big vote of thanks!

Composition: The Book Award Committee has an Executive Board Representative/Chairperson and Vice-Chair to oversee all award levels as well as Chair and Vice Chair positions for each sub-committee (Picture, Children’s, Junior, and Young Adult).  Each of the Book Award Committees can be made up of a cross-section of media specialists, teachers, students, parents, administrators, public librarians, and college or university representatives.

Chairperson: The Book Award Committee Chairperson (Executive Board Representative) is selected by the SCASL President in consultation with the outgoing Chair.  Contact: [email protected]

2020-2021 Picture Book Award committee members: Abigail Anthony, Heidi Benton, Debra Bumgarner, Caroline Danysh, Angela Durham, Bambi Ferrer, Dylan Ferrer, Margaret Ferrin, Jacob Freligh, Elizabeth Harris (Chair), Bethany Imms (Vice Chair), Amanda Jackson, Katherine Jones, Stacey Knutson, Laura Melfi, Cara Morris, Elizabeth Ryan, Shannon Ryan, Mandy Stallard, Michelle Weaver.

2020-2021 Children's Book Award committee members: Faith Barber, Mary Bock, Finn Brandon, Michal Brandon, James Bryan, Leslie Cooper (Vice Chair), Kendall Crossley, Jamey Crumpton, Ashley Griffith, Olivia Love, Linda Lundeen, Amy Marshall, Kipp Martin, Legare McKeehan, Nancy McKeehan, Stacey Merritt, Nikki Mock, Jovita Reed, AJ Riske, Rosie Sandin, Michael Seagel, Fran Sanderson, Carrie Shoolbred, Kendall Starks, Cindy Symonds (Chair), Lila Yancey, Jessica Zannini.

2020-2021 Junior Book Award committee members: Rebecca Adams, Katherine Berny-Bates, BT Bouton, Natalie Childs, Jenny Cox, Carolyn Crosland, Rose Davis, Amber Glessner, Jennifer Gomez, Stephanie Gregory, Seth Jerideau, Emma Jones, Alana Lewis (Chair), Pam Lorentz (Vice Chair), Teag Maharaj, Michelle Martin, Kristi Newsome, Randye Polk, Alexis Schwallier, Anne Sidney, Michelle Spires, Brenda Stephens, Sherell Stepp, Jennifer Toole, Ella Yancey, Melissa Zahler.

2020-2021 Young Adult Book Award committee members: Toni Anderson (Chair), Allison Bird, Tracey Burel, Michele Carroll, Lauren Cook, Nichole Criminger, Melanie Dukes, Katherine Freligh, Stephanie Francis, Susan Henley, Season Johnson, Beth Kelly, Candace Lett, Tasha Martin, Tenley Middleton, Laura Sessions, Mary Staley, Jillian Stroud, Danielle Tarvin, Rhonda Tiwari, Sarah Trani, Tara Ussery, Anna Webb (Vice Chair), Mia Yancey, Stephanie Yancey.

Meetings: The Book Award Committees meet five times a year: May, August, October, December, and March (at the Annual Conference).  In addition to the general meeting at the Annual Conference, Committee members are expected to participate in their Committee's presentation session at Conference.

2020 - 2021 Meeting Dates:
          May 2, 2020
          August 8, 2020
          October 17, 2020
          December 5, 2020
          March 2021 @ Conference

The Columbia area meetings start at 10:00 am and usually last for about 2 hours.
The December meeting sometime may last longer because it is the final meeting.

**In addition to the PBA, CBA, JBA, & YABA presentation sessions held at the SCASL Annual Conference, a general SCBA session is held for new/returning members and anyone interested in learning more about the book awards program.  

Duties: See the Book Awards Handbook for a complete list of duties and responsibilities for all levels and positions of the Book Award Committees.  A few of the duties/responsibilities for book award committee members include:
  • maintain current membership in SCASL
  • attend four Columbia-area meetings each year.
  • attend the SCASL conference, be present at the appropriate booktalk sessions, and work in the Book Award section of the conference store.
  • submit twelve book titles for the next year’s consideration list 
  • read the books on the list of books under consideration (between 100 – 250 titles depending upon the committee you serve) to narrow the list down to the top 20 best titles.
  • assist in the creation of an online activity guide and media for your committee's nominees.
  • present a booktalk for at least one book at the annual SCASL conference.

 Last updated: 20 July 2020