Book Award Banners 

2023-2024 Banner Winners



Banner Guidelines

  1. The banner must represent a Book Award Nominee for the current year. 
  2. It must measure 2’ X 5’2′′, to be hung vertically. 
  3. It must be made from cloth or cloth like material (example you could use a shower curtain—it just needs to be sturdy enough that it wont tear/rip easily) and have a 2” pocket on the top for the insertion of a dowel rod. 
  4. The book title and author’s name must be on the front of the banner. 
  5. No food is to be attached to the banners. 
  6. Any large, bulky or heavy decorations must be securely attached. If they are not, the banner will not be hung for safety reasons. 
  7. In order to identify the banner and assist the judges, place a 3” X 5” card in each of the lower back corners of the banner. The following information should be included on each card:
              Title of the Book School – name and mailing address
              Name(s) of the designer (individual or group) 
              Category (Picture, Children’s, Junior, Young Adult) 
              School Media Specialist’s name and email address

Click Here for Illustration of Banner

Thanks to Nikki Mock for creating a video with tips on making a banner.  Click Here to View the Video. 

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to follow these guidelines IN FULL will disqualify your school’s entry.

The book award banner contest is CLOSED for the 2023-2024 school year

Judging of Banners

Please review the Book Award Banner Judging Rubric for specific details judges will be looking for when reviewing the banners. Each banner will be judged on the authenticity of the art as it relates to the book as well as on the artistic quality of the banner. All artwork must be the original work of the child(ren) involved. The banner must be a student project. Adult input should be advisory in nature and kept to the minimum required by the age group participating.

Certificates of participation will be provided to each participating school. In addition, a ribbon for first, second, and third place in each category will be awarded at conference and a prize of $100.00 will be awarded to the school of the first place winner in each category; $75.00 will be awarded to the school of the second place winner in each category; and $50.00 will be awarded to the school of the third place winner in each category. The award checks will be mailed to the school media specialist unless otherwise requested. Banners will not be mailed back - they must be picked on the last day of conference.

A school may win only one first place award but may receive other award levels. Schools may only submit one banner per judging category to the banner competition. Schools may only submit banners in categories in which they are qualified to vote (i.e. a 4K – 5 grade school may be participating in PBA and CBA, and therefore may have two banners in the competition, one at each category level).

Updated: 7 March 2024