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Children’s Book Award
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2017-2018 CBA Banner Winners

 1st: Crenshaw 2nd:  Fuzzy Mud
 Andrews Elementary  
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18-19 CBA Nominees

17-18 Activity Guide    
17-18 Brochure
17-18 Presentation 

 Announced at SCASL Conference 2018
17-18 CBA Nominees

  17-18 Activity Guide           17-18 Brochure

 Promotional Video

 Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier
16-17 CBA Nominees

16-17 Activity Guide 
16-17 Brochure
16-17 Presentation 

El Deafo
by Cece Bell 

15-16 CBA Nominees

15-16 Activity Guide

 Duke by Kirby Larson
14-15 CBA Nominees

14-15 Activity Guide
Promotional Video from Conference 
Animoto Promo made by Kelly Knight

Buddy by M. H. Herlong
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Past Children’s Book Award Winners


Notice: All media specialists should review all titles and add them to their collection only if the titles meet the criteria established by District Board Policy and Library Media Center Policy & Procedure guidelines. We recommend that others interested in purchasing these titles read reviews and scan materials to determine the appropriateness for their intended reader.

Updated: 21 March 2018