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The official journal of the South Carolina Association of School Librarians is the SCASL Messenger. The Editorial Committee is responsible for creation of the SCASL Messenger. They compile, organize, edit, and compose material, both written and graphic, to be included in a minimum of four newsletters to conform to the Association's agenda for the year.

The first issue is printed and mailed to SCASL members as well as school librarians, principals, and superintendents across the state and other stakeholders. The remaining three issues are available in digital format. 


Emily Baccomo
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2024 - 2025 Committee Members:

  • Now seeking NEW members


The Editorial Committee is comprised of a Chairperson and members chosen by the chair.


The Editorial Committee Chair is selected by the SCASL President.


1. Assist with reviewing articles that have been submitted - editing spelling/grammar errors that are spotted and confirming any needed citations/permissions for images that might accompany the article. This will be shared across the board with all committee members.

2. Encouraging people in your represented region/group to submit an article so you would contact the media specialists at the independent/private schools whose media specialists are SCASL members. 

3. Attending online meetings as needed for each publication cycle. This way no travel is involved. Meetings will be mostly for the purpose of organizing things for the coming issue (fall, winter, spring, summer), brainstorming ideas needed, etc.

4. Help create the visuals and pamphlets for the Editorial Committee's table at the annual SCASL conference.  


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