Special Public & Independent Schools

Function: This section shall provide a means for discussion and cooperation among non-public school library media specialists, and shall support the aims and purposes of SCASL.

Chair: Brenda Stephens

2023-2024 Committee Members:

Michelle Bing - Bishop England High School, Charleston, SC

Brenda Stephens - Christ Church Episcopal School, Greenville, SC

Jennie Mings - Coastal Christian Prep, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Composition: The Non-Public/Independent Schools Committee is composed of a Committee Chairperson and members chosen by the chair.

Chairperson: The Non-Public/Independent Schools Committee Chairperson is selected by the SCASL President.


- Encourages non-public school library media specialists to join and be active in SCASL.

- Plans meeting for non-public school members at SCASL conference.

- Represents non-public school members in the Regional Network and on the Executive Board.

- Acts as liaison between non-public school library media specialists and the S.C. State Department of Education.

 Last Update:  28 July 2022