SCASL Collegiate Scholarship

*suspended for the 2020-2021 school year.

Do you have a graduating library media center volunteer whom you would like to honor? The SCASL Collegiate Scholarship honors a high school senior library media center volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to South Carolina school librarianship, school library media services, and/or SCASL. The student does not have to be a current LMC assistant but has been during their high school years. Nominations are made by the student’s library media specialist. Please note that the nominating library media specialist must be a current member of SCASL.

In order to nominate a student, the library media specialist must send a letter of recommendation and a letter from the student using the criteria stated below. Label all sections, and do not exceed indicated space limitations. Font size must be no less than 12. The scholarship funds will be sent to the winning student’s institution of choice.

Letter of Recommendation

The nominating LMS will write a letter of recommendation (not to exceed two pages) that describes the duties routinely performed by the student nominee, his/her length of service, and the outstanding accomplishments.

The following information should be included:

1. Name of Nominating Library Media Specialist
2. School District
3. School Name
4. School Address
5. Telephone Number
6. Nominating Library Media Specialist’s Email Address

Student Letter
The student nominee will write a letter (not to exceed two pages) about how he/she feels that libraries have enriched his/her life and impacted his/her education and personal growth.

The following information should be included:

Name of Nominee
School Name
Nominee’s Home Address
University or College Student Plans to Attend

The committee cannot consider any applications submitted after the first Friday in December. The written application must be completed in Google Docs and shared with [email protected] no later than the first Friday in December.  The letter of recommendation should be scanned and uploaded to Google Docs and shared with [email protected] by the deadline.  All applications will become the property of SCASL.  

The presentation of this award will be made at the SCASL annual conference.