Archives & History

Function: The Archives and History Committee is to compile, organize, and maintain records of the organizational functions of SCASL.

Archives and History Committee

2024-2025 Committee Chair 

Kelley Rider - [email protected]

2024-2025 Committee Members

Currently looking for new committee members.

Chairperson: The Archives and History Committee Chairperson is selected by the SCASL President.

Composition: The Archives and History Committee is comprised of a Committee Chairperson and members chosen by the chair.


The Committee has been in existence for many years. Initially, materials housed in the Dacus Library at Winthrop University were examined and inventoried. The initial goal was to organize the records and make them accessible to interested individuals. A secondary goal was to find a permanent home for these records in a central location. The records were sorted into categories and early in the 2004-2005 school year were relocated to the SC Museum of Education in Columbia. Workdays were held April 21-22, 2005 at the Museum, with four members attending, and much of the needed work was completed. On the first workday we were told that the Museum of Education had changed its mission and would no longer archive materials. Again we began searching for a permanent home for our records. We sought a haven in the South Caroliniana Library at USC and in June our archives were accepted there. We feel privileged to have our historical records housed in such a prestigious institution. Our thanks to several individuals for their help in this regard! The materials will soon be listed among the holdings of the Caroliniana in its electronic catalog.

Materials retained in the archives are named below, along with the parties responsible for their submission:

1. Minutes of Executive Board meetings; end-of-year financial reports; lists of actions taken at board meetings; lists of all officers, awards, and book awards; and any additional documentation selected by the president for inclusion in the archives.

These materials should be maintained in notebook form by the president.

2. Media Center Messenger
The editor of the MCM should collect two copies of each issue throughout the year and submit them together.

3. Conference materials (Call to Conference, programs, tickets, etc.). The executive secretary should be responsible for gathering and submitting two copies of each item.

4. Book award materials (booklets, bookmarks, etc.).
The chair of the Book Award Committee should submit two copies of each item.

5. Association papers such as the constitution, the handbook, and other significant documents or publications.The president is responsible for submitting any of these items not included in the notebook.

6. Documentation of activities that do not pertain to regular business of the Association, such as the response to Hurricane Hugo, legislative initiatives, and intellectual freedom actions. Materials should be submitted by chairs of committees sponsoring the activities.

7. Miscellaneous printings or publications.
The president should submit these materials or delegate someone else to do so.


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