Book Study: Maximizing School Librarian Leadership - Chapter One

To jump start your thinking, Judi Moreillon states: “School librarians have three converging pathways that point the way to leadership.   School librarians are culture builders, professional developers, and change makers.  … All three of these pathways to leadership require COLLABORATION.  … We collaborate with others to build connections for learning in order to transform teaching and learning.” (School Librarian Leadership Podcast

Moreillon emphasizes that all school stakeholders must have a collaborative mindset in order to transform their schools into a successful learning community.  Further, that school librarians are ideally positioned to “build connections for transforming teaching and learning in their schools and communities.” (Moreillion 3)

School Librarians:

  • have a global view of their learning community 
  • align their program – teaching and resources – to their schools’ curriculum
  • build relationships with the people in their learning community
  • and promote an “inquiry mindset”


  1. What strategies do you use to build connections within your school community?
  2. What strategies do you use to engage in collaboration within your school?
  3. How are you currently providing professional development in your school?
  4. How are you planning to develop your own professional learning this year?

Source: Moreillon, Judi. 2018. Maximizing School Librarian Leadership: Building Connections for Learning and Advocacy. Chicago: American Library Association.

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