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Why should I do the SC Librarian's Annual Survey? It is THAT important people!!

With the full support and cooperation of South Carolina Department of Education Office of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership Development, SCASL is collecting school library information to analyze and share. We are collecting the information to show the SDE the importance and relevance of school libraries. We are actively working to add school library information to future report cards.

Please know that Librarians across our state WILL HAVE ACCESS to the results of this survey by September-ish to share with your "powers that be" for the purpose of advocacy for your libraries. It will be presented with graphics and information, and you may use it as you see fit. This is a FIRST, as in the last ten years, the data collected was collected, but little more. Your state organization, SCASL has permission to assist with collection, analysis, and permission to publish for use!

Please note that we are working hand in hand with the SC SDE, with our SDE Liaison Regina Thurmond advocating for our return to inclusion in the school state report cards, and most telling in our efforts will be our STRONG showing participation wise in this annual survey. Please consider your inputting data into the SDE's annual library data survey as NON NEGOTIABLE! Your data is due June 30, 2018.

Worksheet - Designed to help you gather your data before submitting! Note, you'll need your school's BEDS code, which is readily available through your admin or Guidance departments!! 

Survey - this link carries you to the actual survey. 

Survey data is due by June 30! Please be a part of our data submitted to our SC Department of Education that wins us a spot back on the SC Annual School Report Card!



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