About Us

About Us

SCASL provides an ADVOCACY voice for our profession, working tirelessly to equip librarians with tools useful in convincing decision makers to recognize the school librarian and school library program as a significant factor in daily impacting learning and increased student achievement.

Our association brings together leaders from the University of South Carolina’s Library and Information Science program, the South Carolina Department of Education, the South Carolina Library Association, and non-public school professionals to work toward common goals.

SCASL offers school librarians representation from the state of South Carolina to National Library Legislative Day in Washington, DC each spring to communicate the value of libraries and illustrate the importance of library funding to our federal lawmakers and legislative leaders.

The SCASL president and president-elect attend the American Association of School Librarians Affiliate Assembly meetings at American Library Association’s annual and mid-winter conferences to both represent and disseminate important information to our group. SCASL was one of the founding members of this Assembly.

SCASL produces four issues of the organization’s professional journal, Media Center Messenger each year. A complimentary copy of the first publication in the fiscal year is provided to every school librarian regardless of membership status, as well as school principals, superintendents, and other stakeholders who are considered the stewards of education for the students of South Carolina.

SCASL, while representing membership first, seeks to support pre-service education services such as teacher education programs and professionals seeking school library certification. In an effort to reach out to nonmembers, SCASL funnels information out to all schools through a strong regional network.

This association sponsors several awards, recognizing an accomplished South Carolina  Media Specialist of the Year Award, South Carolina Administrator of the Year Award, Paraprofessional Award, Intellectual Freedom Award, Distinguished Service Award, and Legislator of the Year Award.

SCASL provides scholarship opportunities for an exemplary college bound senior high school library helper and a University of South Carolina full time graduate student working towards a graduate level degree In Library and Information Science.

The SCASL website offers a wealth of information to any visitor, but a special members only section includes a Forum of discussion topics and exclusive South Carolina Book Awards program resources, including PowerPoints, activity guides, brochures, podcasts, and more.

The association through sponsorship from the University of South Carolina offers sponsors a professional listserv for the purpose of networking, discussions, and sharing.

Originally written by the late Robbie Van Pelt, Past President of SCASL, 2002