Seeking Prize Donations

We are seeking donations of door prizes for conference. We would love to have at least one prize donated from each district so many people will have the joy of winning at conference. Please complete the form at this link to help us prepare and recognize everyone's donations.

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Geddings at

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January Issue of Media Center Messenger Released!

The newest issue of Media Center Messenger has been released to all current SCASL members.
Go to our Media Center Messenger webpage to view it.
This issue is full of great information about many things, including the 2015 slate of officers and the 2015 conference schedule!
Read it to stay in the loop!

Is it worth it to come to conference on Wednesday? We think so! The Conference Planning Committees have worked
hard to make sure there is something for everyone throughout the day on Wednesday. Whether you plan to 
spend the entire day, leave work early, or come after school, the party starts Wednesday! 

Our 2015 SCASL Conference Schedule for Wednesday had been changed. Take a look at some of the exciting new changes that we have made for our first day of conference. The first concurrent session will begin earlier and be followed by an exciting panel discussion - Project Connect SC, sponsored by Follett. Find out more about Project Connect by visiting  .  You won't want to miss it!

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Tonight this district recognition was shared with SCASL, and we wish to congratulate the librarians mentioned. Here is the acknowledgement in full, along with a picture:

Blythewood High School
Contact: Crystal B. Smith
(803) 691-4090 x28046
FAX (803) 714-6035

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The latest issue of the Media Center Messenger has now been published! See it for yourself here (login required).


2014-2015 SCASL Conference Presentation Mini-Grant
from the SCASL Advocacy Committee

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What!? Did she just say, "free insurance for members?"

Yes! SCASL has teamed up with American Income Life insurance company to offer some insurance coverage for all active members.

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Please visit the pages below for information on our 2015 SCASL Conference Pre-Con sessions, tours and meals:

Pre-Con Sessions:

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The SCASL Information Technology Committee is sponsoring a contest for all members who use our website! Each month (September through February) the names of the 5 most active users of the SCASL website will be entered into a drawing. At conference, we will draw 1 winner who will receive a $25 Amazon gift card! The more you log in and use the website, the better your chances are of winning. And, of course, the more you use the website, the more useful information and ideas you'll find!

Fine print:
The top 5 active users will be determined by actual use of forums, circles, etc and not just by number of logins. By the time of the drawing, there will be 30 names entered. Names may be entered into the drawing multiple times for different months if the member is consistently active on the website; therefore the more active you are for a long period of time, the better your chance of winning! Contact Heather Thore at if you have questions about the contest or website.

The SCASL Elections committee is seeking nominations for the 2015– 2016 Slate of Officers (President Elect and Secretary) and three Election Committee Member-at-Large positions. Elections will be held during the March 2015 SCASL Annual Business Meeting at the conference in Columbia. Nominees must reside and/or work in South Carolina and be members of SCASL.

President Elect:
The President Elect is a three-year commitment and requires previous Board of Directors service. Personal membership in ALA and AASL for the duration of your service as an officer is also required.
Year One Duties (President Elect):
•Plans the SCASL 2016 Annual Conference and selects the major speakers for the 2017 conference.
•SCASL sends you to ALA Annual (June 25-June 30, 2015) in San Francisco, CA to observe the AASL Affiliate Assembly and scout for conference speakers, authors, and vendors.
•SCASL sends you to AASL Conference (October 15-18, 2015) in Columbus, OH to scout for speakers, authors, and vendors.
•SCASL sends you to ALA Midwinter Meeting (January 8-12, 2016) in Boston, MA to represent SCASL at the AASL Affiliate Assembly.
•SCASL sends you to ALA Annual (June 23-June 28, 2016) in Orlando, FL to observe the AASL Affiliate Assembly and scout for conference speakers, authors, and vendors.

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There has been a discussion/thread recently regarding how to limit YA books found in a library with mixed levels. The desire is to make sure elementary students are not checking out mature content.  Many suggestions have been shared:

  • Create a YA shelf that is designated as a certain grade level only (example: 8th grade only)
  • Create a form letter and get lower grade students to return a form that lets parents specifically give permission for access to mature fiction content like YA books
  • Create a form and require parents to opt out at the beginning of the school year.

All of these are suitable response and effective ways to deal with the topic at hand. But did you know that most circulation systems allow a librarian to set up these kinds of restrictions?  How is this done.  

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As we head into another school year, it is time to review the SCASL-LS Discussion List Guidelines. If you are a new or returning member of this list-serv, please take a few minutes to remind yourself of the guidelines. Remember to NEVER share passwords on the list-serv (including DISCUS).


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Author of Reality Is BrokenWhy Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World, Jane McGonigal, gave an excellent presentation at ALA's opening session. Here are some interesting tidbits from her talk:


-We play a lot of games. 
-Games are engaging.
- Work and school is not engaging for a large number of people.
- The longer we stay in school the less engaged we become as we go from elementary to high school.
- Ten positive emotions- creativity, contentment awe & wonder, excitement, curiosity, pride, surprise, love, relief, joy
-No matter what is going on the gamer feels these positive emotions
-Engagement in life equals positive emotions which translate to an upward spiral of other positive things 
-Gamers spend 80% of time failing
-"The opposite of play isn't work, it's depression" Brian Sutton-Smith 
-Game play encourages optimism, Competence, Physiological energy
-Game play is the opposite of depression neurologically
-Scans show game play is opposite of neurological depression. 
-Every game gives a goal clearly
-Gaming develops Resilience as gamers are less likely to quit after failure
-There is no such thing as an educational or non educational game. They are ALL educational.
-Games treat depression better than Meds, foldit, eyewire, block by block, minecraft, Ora saves the forest, Whale song project whale fm, Valley of heroes created by Jane McGonigal   
-Goals are more possible when fueled by positive emotions

"It was libraries that provided me sanctuary and solace."

She volunteered working in the library gluing bindings. "I love the dewey decimal system."

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Be our hero and save the date for the 40th Annual SCASL Conference! 

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Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's YOU presenting at
The 40th Annual SCASL Conference March 11-13, 2015 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

Applications to present are due September 1, 2014. Click here for the application.

Contact Jennifer Tazerouti at for more information.

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The April 2014 issue of the Media Center Messenger is online NOW!

Click here to Log in and read about:

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