Greetings friends. SCASL President Cindy Symonds, President-Elect Cathy Jo Nelson, and incoming President-Elect Heather Thore will be attending the ALAConference this week in Chicago. Your SCASL Leadership team will be proudly representing school librarians from across our great state of South Carolina at the AASL Affiliate Assembly. Note that SCASL is a charter member of AASL's Affiliate Assembly, one of the first state organizations to partner with other state organizations working together to empower the school librarian through AASL and ALA. They will be networking, learning, and last but not least, bringing back a ton of information and loot (books and more) picked up in sessions and from the vast exhibit hall. Much of that loot will wind up being door prizes at our SCASL 2018 Conference, which is March 7-9, 2018 in Greenville.

They will be sharing through SCASL's Facebook page, Twitter page, Flickr, Instagram and more, tagging content with #SCASLALAAC17. You are all encouraged to also tag social networking posts and pictures to share or ask questions. This is the simplest way to involve and interact, and share the wealth of goodness coming out of this annual conference.

If you're heading that way, we'd love to know and maybe have a meet-up of SC friends in Chicago!