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Help keep SC DISCUS strong! Contact your local House of Representatives or SC Senate members.

Proposed Changes to DISCUS
The South Carolina House of Representatives members have rejected the Senate’s version of the budget for the South Carolina State Library, and have submitted an amendment to control the type of materials thatare purchased for DISCUS, this means that the budget will go to a conference committee for discussion.

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YouTube Channel


SCASL has a new YouTube channel where you can access various videos.
Right now you can see our promo video that premiered at conference, the winning Book Award trailers, and a couple of Library Week videos from Byrnes High School.

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Impact Video

Take 2 minutes to watch our new School Libraries Impact Study video, then share it with everyone you know!
A very special thank you to our Public Awareness Committee for creating this video.
The video is also located on our South Carolina Impact Study page along with the accompanying reports.

Mark your calendars for a fun TL Cafe Night December 2 at 8PM!! Be sure to sign into the chat room as SCASL_your name. Who will "step up" to the mic for this virtual smackdown?

Bring your headset with a mic so you can REPRESENT SCASL. See you there peeps!