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With the full support and cooperation of South Carolina Department of Education Office of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership Development, SCASL is collecting school library information to analyze and share. We are collecting the information to show the SDE the importance and relevance of school libraries. We are actively working to add school library information to future report cards.

Please know that Librarians across our state WILL HAVE ACCESS to the results of this survey by September-ish to share with your "powers that be" for the purpose of advocacy for your libraries. It will be presented with graphics and information, and you may use it as you see fit. This is a FIRST, as in the last ten years, the data collected was collected, but little more. Your state organization, SCASL has permission to assist with collection, analysis, and permission to publish for use!

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April is School Library Month! Look who is the spokesperson --Jason Reynolds!!

What are you doing to celebrate School Library Month? Be sure to visit AASL to get ideas and more.

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Dear Colleagues:
Approaching the annual conference in Phoenix, AZ on November 9-11, the American Association of School Libraries (AASL) is celebrating its 65th anniversary as a division of the American Library Association by promoting programs designed to transform the school library profession, and your assistance is needed.

 School librarians nationwide benefit greatly from the programs and collective effort of AASL membership. The current campaign offers an opportunity for both members and non-members to bolster the strength of the organization and is aptly named It’s in Our Hands: Celebrating the Past and Transforming the Future. Donations will support two programs that will impact the school library profession:

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Help keep SC DISCUS strong! Contact your local House of Representatives or SC Senate members.

Proposed Changes to DISCUS
The South Carolina House of Representatives members have rejected the Senate’s version of the budget for the South Carolina State Library, and have submitted an amendment to control the type of materials thatare purchased for DISCUS, this means that the budget will go to a conference committee for discussion.

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May Issue of Media Center Messenger Released!

The newest issue of Media Center Messenger has been released to all current SCASL members.
Go to our Media Center Messenger webpage to view it.
This issue includes award winners, a review of conference, and much more.

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YouTube Channel


SCASL has a new YouTube channel where you can access various videos.
Right now you can see our promo video that premiered at conference, the winning Book Award trailers, and a couple of Library Week videos from Byrnes High School.

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Impact Video

Take 2 minutes to watch our new School Libraries Impact Study video, then share it with everyone you know!
A very special thank you to our Public Awareness Committee for creating this video.
The video is also located on our South Carolina Impact Study page along with the accompanying reports.


Join students, teachers, librarians, and other stakeholders in Columbia at the annual Read-In on April 14th. Go to the official website for more information and to register:

January Issue of Media Center Messenger Released!

The newest issue of Media Center Messenger has been released to all current SCASL members.
Go to our Media Center Messenger webpage to view it.
This issue is full of great information about many things, including the 2015 slate of officers and the 2015 conference schedule!
Read it to stay in the loop!

The latest issue of the Media Center Messenger has now been published! See it for yourself here (login required).

Have you seen this video making rounds?  

"Principals Know: School Librarians are the Heart of the School" was crowdsourced by Dr. Judi Moreillon and Dr. Teresa Starrett using funds provided by the Texas Library Association, Demco, and the Dean's Research Funds (College of Professional Education, Texas Woman's University).If you are a principal or school administrator and you want to share why your school librarian is the heart of your school, contact Dr. Judi Moreillon ([email protected]).

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Congratulations to Cathy Jo Nelson and Tamara Cox, two SCASL members both who have landed a spot in a recent list of the Top 50 School Librarian Blogs 

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Mark your calendars for a fun TL Cafe Night December 2 at 8PM!! Be sure to sign into the chat room as SCASL_your name. Who will "step up" to the mic for this virtual smackdown?

Bring your headset with a mic so you can REPRESENT SCASL. See you there peeps!

SCASL is providing funding for media specialist presentations at SC educational conferences during the 2013-1014 school year to advocate for teacher/librarian collaboration, reading programs, and other benefits of school library programs. The funds available may be used to pay for expenses including registration and one night hotel stay (maximum $250). Media Specialists may apply for one SC Conference Presentation Mini Grant per SCASL membership year.

We have awarded two mini grants this year (June 2013- July 2014), and have three more grants to give out! 

Requirements of SC Conference Presentation Mini-Grant:
Must be a current member of SCASL
Submit an application for SC Conference Presentation Mini-Grant
Submit confirmation of presentation proposal acceptance from educational conference presentation
Submit photo evidence of educational conference presentation
Submit a proposal for SCASL conference upon receipt of mini-grant

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School Library Media Month

Governor Nikki Haley has declared April 2015 as School Library Media Month.


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